Hollandes Rede vom 14. November 2015, eingereiht

(ohne Gewähr auf Vollständigkeit  – z.B. Bali 2002, Mumbai 2008 oder Nairobi 2013)


2001 : George W. Bush, 12. September

„…The deliberate and deadly attacks, which were carried out yesterday against our country, were more than acts of terror. They were acts of war.

This will require our country to unite in steadfast determination and resolve. Freedom and democracy are under attack.

Those in authority should take appropriate precautions to protect our citizens. But we will not allow this enemy to win the war by changing our way of life or restricting our freedoms.

This morning, I am sending to Congress a request for emergency funding authority so that we are prepared to spend whatever it takes to rescue victims, to help the citizens of New York City and Washington, D. C., respond to this tragedy, and to protect our national security…“

PBS & spätere Rede auf CNN


2004: José Aznar, 11. März

„…We’ll defeat them. Let nobody doubt it. We’ll defeat the terotist group with the force of the rule of law and the unity of all Spaniards. We’ll finish them with strong laws, with security force and courts firmly backed by and decidedly resolved to uphold and enforce the law.

The criminals that today have caused so many dead will be detained. They’ll be tried and convicted by courts only bound by the rule of law. They’ll fully serve their sentences and will have no horizon other than to see dawn between the walls of prison.

We’re on the victims‘ side. It’s to them we have to support and give a voice. The families of those murdered today will always have the support and the aid of the Government and the institutions. They’ll have the love of all Spaniards. No isntitution nor social group can protest the recognition and the respect they’ll always deserve.

We’re on the Constitution’s side. It’s the pact of almost all Spaniards that guarantees the liberties and rights of all. It’s also the great accord over our political regime, and it’s the expression of our united and plural Spain. We won’t change our regime neither because they kill nor for them to stop killing.

That’s why I tell all Spaniards that we shouldn’t aspire to anything else less than the complete defeat of terrorism, its complete and total defeat, its unconditional surrender. There’s neither possible nor desirable negotiation with these murderers that so many times have sown death throughout Spain. Let nobody be fooled: only with resolve we’ll stop the attacks, a resolve that has to be present both in the antiterrorist fight and the opposition to the final objectives these terrorist want to achieve.

To defend these causes the Government asks Spaniards to demonstrate tomorrow in the streets of Spain. Under the slogan „With the victims, with the Constitution, for the defeat of terrorism“ demonstrations have been called in all Spaniard cities tomorrow Friday at seven in the evening. I wish those demonstrations to be as overwhelming as the pain we feel today, as civic as our patriotism that makes us feel solidary with all those that suffer the consequences of terrorism’s actions….“

Übersetzung: freerepublic.com


2005: Tony Blair 7. Juli

„…If it is the plight of the Palestinians that drives them, why, every time it looks as if Israel and Palestine are making progress, does the same ideology perpetrate an outrage that turns hope back into despair?

If it is Afghanistan that motivates them, why blow up innocent Afghans on their way to their first ever election? If it is Iraq that motivates them, why is the same ideology killing Iraqis by terror in defiance of an elected Iraqi government?

What was September 11, 2001 the reprisal for? Why even after the first Madrid bomb (in March 2004) and the election of a new Spanish government, were they planning another atrocity when caught?

The spirit of our age is one in which the prejudices of the past are put behind us, where our diversity is our strength. It is this which is under attack. Moderates are not moderate through weakness but through strength. Now is the time to show it in defence of our common values…“



2011: Jens Stoltenberg, 22. Juli

„…I have a message for those who attacked us. And for those who are behind them.
It is a message from the whole of Norway:
You will not destroy us.
You will not destroy our democracy or our commitment to bringing about a better world.
We are a small nation, but we are a proud nation.
No one is going to bomb us into silence.
No one is going to shoot us into silence.
No one is ever going to frighten us away from being Norway.

We must never give up our values.
We must show that our open society can pass this test too.
That the answer to violence is even more democracy.
Even more humanity.
But never naivity.
That is something we owe the victims and their families.“



2015: François Hollande, 14.11.

„…Es ist ein Kriegsakt, der von einer terroristischen Armee, Daesh, einer dschihadistischen Armee, gegen Frankreich begangen wurde; gegen unsere Werte, die wir überall in der Welt verteidigen; gegen das, was wir sind: ein freies Land, das sich an die ganze Welt wendet. Es ist ein Kriegsakt, der von außen vorbereitet, organisiert und geplant wurde, mit Komplizen im Innern, die die Untersuchung ermitteln wird.

Meine lieben Landsleute, was wir verteidigen, ist unser Vaterland, aber es ist noch mehr als das. Es sind unsere Werte der Menschlichkeit. (…) Es lebe die Republik und es lebe Frankreich.“

SZ via dpa

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